A family business built by a passionate young mum who understands the absolute joy of becoming a parent

Always someone eager to settle down and start a family, becoming a businesswoman and venturing into the world of retail was far from being on Bella's 'to-do list'. However that all changed when she suddenly found herself at that age when all her friends were falling pregnant and having baby's. Being someone who likes to put a lot of thought into buying gifts for friends & family, Bella found it a real struggle to buy something unique, or find a bespoke personable service where they could offer you ideas and help you put together something truly special.

As a successful financial advisor for a global bank, and someone who cannot let go of a dream, Bella started to feel there was a great opportunity to mix her passion for baby's with a business that was full of unique and personal baby gift ideas. And so in 2013 she left her full time position at the bank, and took a big leap into self employment, starting her first ever company. Zibizi (The baby gift store) was created. A company with a very clear vision to provide a truly personable customer shopping experience for beautiful and unique baby gifts.

The company began online and quickly grew from strength to strength. Shortly after her first year of trading Bella herself fell pregnant with son Toby. Now a full time mum and successful businesswoman she is the first to admit she certainly had her work cut out. But after lots of hard work and dirty nappies, Bella has managed to now see her dream become a reality. 


Bella pictured with her young son Toby


Having realised that the products and service Zibizi provides online was in huge demand by our customers, Bella wanted to offer the same unique service on the Great British high street. The idea quickly became reality and Bella opened up her first high street boutique outlet in 2016 in the beautiful historic North Yorkshire town of Yarm. The store offers a service that is second to none, where customers can choose an item and have it personalised within just 1 hour! Such has the signature store proven a success, that there are currently further Zibizi retail outlets being planned throughout the UK.

The service you receive in our high street store is no different than the one you receive online. We offer a very personable service, and are always here to help you find the perfect gift. If you do not find what you are looking for, or would just like some inspiration or help in any way, we encourage you to get in touch with us at any time. We guarantee you will experience online shopping like never before. We are always here, happy to serve you, waiting to help you find the perfect gift.


Our Yarm store


"Thank you for visiting our wonderful store. I hope you find something truly special, for someone even more special. Buying a gift for a newborn is so precious, and I hope we can help you find yours here. Make it unique. Make it personal"